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   Entry from Sam. B., USA, Pennsylvania - 08.07.2021 - at 10.46 a.m.

   Dear Mr. Hubner:

   This is an instance, where one can see how worthwhile it sometimes is to take the
   initiative oneself in life, and not to rely on doctors and on certain supposed healers,
   who promise heaven on earth but in reality know nothing about the disease at all.
   I shall recommend this book to others, because it contains valid truths about
   RLS, which I can verify from my own experience.

 Comment from Matthew Hubner:

   Dear Samantha. So glad it worked out for you.

   Best regards
   Matthew Hubner



   Entry from Paul, USA, Utah - 06.14.2021 - at  06.35 p.m.

I tried the cure out immediately, and I must say that the wait was worthwhile. After a
   further three days at least 70% of the pain was gone. For the first time in a long while
   I was able to sleep without medication. Who would have thought that a solution could
   turn out to be so simple?


   Comment from Matthew Hubner:

   Dear Paul :
   Glad to hear that you've had such a speedy recovery.

   Best regards
   Matthew Hubner


  Entry from Mary. B., Australia, Queensland - 04.19.2015 - at  11.45 p.m.

    A usefull Help.
   The book was recommended to me by my local RLS self-help group, where it has
   helped some members considerably, and at least helped to soothe and better the
   symptoms of others – a good enough reason for me to have looked into the
   method myself. I can only recommend the book to anyone having to deal with RLS.

   Mary. B.


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   Entry from Henry Peterman, London, UK - 03.26.2014 - at  5.50 p.m.

     The book was delivered punctually, and the quality of its contents is satisfactory.
     One cannot expect more from a personal account, especially as all aspects of
     the illness are dealt with here. I’m curious to see whether it will help my girlfriend,
     for whom I bought this book.

     Henry Peterman, London, UK

  Entry from Betty Novak, Texas, USA  - 03.13.2014 - at  7.45 a.m.

   Dear Matthew:
     My “Wanderlust” has disappeared.
  Although I've not recovered completely from RLS, I need a lot less pain-
     medication since I started taking this natural remedy. I was actually able to halve
     the dose of the former. This alone has made the effort worthwhile,and my wife
     is so pleased that there is no more need for me to “wander” around at night.


     Comment from Matthew Hubner:
Dear Betty:
     Glad, this could help you so far.

  Best Regards

   Entry from Stewart C., New Zealand - 02.18.2013 - at 10.38 p.m.

    Wonderful Effect. I wish I could have gotten hold of this book, “How I Defeated
    the Restless Syndrome”, earlier. I’ve had RLS for the past ten years. I can only
    recommend it to everyone concerned. I’ve been cured and the pain
    disappeared in a flash of time. It’s almost like a minor miracle.


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