The book  at  hand  chronologically
describes the author's experiences
with  the  Restless-Legs-Syndrome
and how he managed  to  heal him-
self after 8  long  and  painful years
using a natural based remedy - and
so finally  defeated  the  disease (in
June 2007). 

Although  it  might  sound  impos-
sible -but a  simple
natural  based
remedy- developed by a  German
physician - can heal this disease

Today no further medication what-
soever  is  needed  and  he  sleeps
painlessly every single night !

Two relevant facts: A great number
of physicians  and  holistic healers
have  already  acquired   this  book
on recommendation,  because  the
success  of  the  healing  method it
contains  is   beginning   to  be  ex-
perienced by ever more people. 

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Published in 2008 
6th.  circulation  /  2015
ISBN  978-3-00-036854-7

For 8 long  years, I  suffered  from the Restless Legs Syndrome
RLS).  This  disorder  is difficult to  describe to  anyone  who  has
not   experienced  it,  as it has  many  symptoms which  differ from
person to person. In my case,it came as part of a genetic heritage
from my  family's side.

These may include piercing  pain, itching, & burning sensations in
the legs and feet, almost always involving the  uncontrollable  urge
to move  one's  legs.This  usually  occurs  when a  person is trying
to rest and get sleep at night.

  The  one  constant is that those who suffer from RLS find their lives turned upside down,
stressing their daytime energy, effectiveness at work and even their relationships.
As you  may  have  heard,  Restless Legs Syndrome is considered  to be a lifelong  con-
n, for which no working  cure  currently  exists
. Various powerful   drugs  are  usually
these do  not heal,  only  briefly soothe the pain, in addition  to  causing
side-effects,  such  as   constant stomach  upsets,  headaches,  depression
increasing  visual
impairments, etc. The list is long.

But I was not willing to reconcile myself to this situation, especially as these medications
become ineffective after a few months and  need  to be discontinued, because  the body
has turned ”immune” and
no longer responds to them.

Like many  other  sufferers I  consulted  one doctor after  another, but none of them were
able to  help me to
permanently  relieve  the unbelievable pain. I was undergoing - never
mind completely curing the disease
itself. Finally after 8 !  sleepless  and  painful  years I
received the decisive pointer
from  a person within my
 circle of acquaintances, a holistic
She recommended
a  low-priced nature-based  biological remedy, available in most
wide  without  prescription,  totally  free of chemicals  and narcotics.
And  for precisely  that  reason extremely  effective. At  the same time, it is
devoid of any side-effects and even safe for diabetics.

And the result ?
The remedy  took effect  swiftly.  After  just  a week of applying it  (in June  2007),
I slept painlessly every single  night,  without any additional medication.
and the accompanying pain disappeard completely  and  after a  brief  period I was even
able to discontinue  the natural remedy itself. I published  this method
in the internet,  but
so  many questions have been asked by RLS  sufferers that I decided
to write a detailed
book about my healing procedere.

You  are, of  course,  free to believe all this, but let’s do some straight talking first:
The fact  of  the  matter is this: Those afflicted  with RLS  spend many  years,  consulting
all   kinds  of physicians,  who  prescribe   them   expensive  medications,  which  neither
help, nor heal their condition. Otherwise they would obviously all  be well again !

One can, of  course, go on whining  about  one’s condition and remain on a pain stricken
path through hell; or seize the real opportunity offered here by reading

How I defeated the  Restless Legs Syndrome


Here are two medical attestations by two
 specialists, which certify the RLS-diagnosis
Medical attestation Nr. 1
 +  2  :  Diagnosis :  RL-Syndrome
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